Private Property Towing Services

Express Towing & Recovery is a committed partner for Cheyenne property owners and managers. Their goal is to help you achieve parking compliance and happy tenants. We are dedicated to learning your unique parking situation and proposing a plan to solve your parking challenges ensuring the best result for managers and tenants. Call 307-634-7999 to learn how we can help you.

Express Towing & Recovery provides Greater Cheyenne property owners, property managers and property tenants with quality private property towing services. With a focus on limiting challenges between involved parties, Express Towing & Recovery fosters an environment compliance and not conflict. This diminishes the amount of time property manages and property owners must dedicate to resolving parking issues and parking conflicts.

Express Towing & Recovery can help you effectively communicate, warn and enforce your parking rights and responsibilities to ensure the needs of your customers and tenants are being met. We provide complete private property towing services to shopping centers, office buildings, schools and universities, residential complexes and municipalities. Call 307-634-7999 to learn how we can help you too.